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1927 Fire damage - Large Photo

The Hippodrome is gone as well as almost everything south of the Strand Theatre

On October 11, 1927 a fire which reportedly began in a pile of trash under the boardwalk at 9th street, destroyed almost all of the boardwalk from Moorlyn Terrace to 10th Street. Strong southeastern winds fanned the blaze which consumed the buildings at the heart of the boardwalk. Shriver's Salt Water Taffy, the Hippodrome Pier, the Plaza Theatre, a hotel, and many stores were all burned to the ground.

The original Strand Theatre, the Moorlyn Theatre, the Park Theatre, Simms Restaurant, and Doughty's Pier all survived. When the boardwalk was rebuilt, it was built about 300 feet closer to the ocean. Over the previous years the ocean had receded and the city planners used this new space for the boardwalk. Even sections of the boardwalk that survived were torn down in favor of the new eastern boardwalk. (Today Ocean City is still battling the shrinking beach and probably wishes the boardwalk had been left in place.)

After the new boardwalk was built, Shriver's Taffy was rebuilt at 9th and Boardwalk. Surviving buildings, such as the Moorlyn, Simms, and the (old) Strand were moved up to the new boardwalk using rails, windlasses and horses.



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The Day After

the October 11, 1927 fire.

9th and Boardwalk

Hippodrome Burning



at 9th Street

View from 9th Street to the (old) Strand Theatre

New Boardwalk being built

The Moorlyn Theatre is on the right and the new boardwalk is being built much further to the left.

New Boardwalk

Rebuilt much closer to the ocean.

View of where the old Boardwalk sat

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