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Updated 02/11/2006


The Moorlyn was originally a Bowling Alley.  It seems to have been built before 1905, after the Simms building at Moorlyn Terrace, and before the Music Pavilion.  The property was purchased on April 3, 1902 for $375.

The upstairs held the Casino Club, or ballroom, with large windows overlooking the boardwalk.

And before there was Kohr Bros. ice cream, there was Crane's Pure Ice Cream on the corner of Moorlyn Terrace and Boardwalk.

At some point the BOWLING CASINO sign was replaced with a "C. Ellwood Carpenter Casino Club" sign.  There is no mention of bowling, and no mention of a theater either.  I don't know why. 

This seems to be an in-between time before it became the Moorlyn Theatre in 1922, and I wonder if it was still a bowling alley (without a sign) or if it was something else.  Perhaps the bowling alley closed and only the Casino Club remained open.  Who knows.

Blueprints show the theater seats being installed in 1922 and an organ installed the same year, so this was probably the first version of the Moorlyn Theatre.


No Moorlyn

This is the view shortly before the Moorlyn was built, taken in 1904 or earlier

Moore's Bowling Casino

with Crane's Pure Ice Cream

Moore's Bowling Casino

Bowling Alley interior

The window frames on the right wall were later uncovered in 2003 when the building was renovated. The steel beams on the roof can now be found in the attic.

Casino Club Interior

Upstairs, above the bowling alley entrance, was this club, with windows that overlooked the boardwalk, and a door to an outdoor balcony

Moore's Bowling Casino

Copyright date 1905

Moore's Bowling Casino

Moore's Bowling Casino

Music Pavilion with Moore's visible

postmarked 1907

Bowling Casino but with the Casino Club sign and the Ice Cream store

Postmarked 1908

Moore's on left

Postmarked 1911. No Doughty's Pier.

Casino Club on left

Music Pavilion on right. Postmarked 1912

Moorlyn with altered boardwalk

Postmarked 1926. In the distance, you can see how the boardwalk was pushed out at 7th street

Casino Club

C Elwood Carpenter's Casino Club, and no evidence of a bowling alley

Moorlyn Casino

no postmark

Music Pavilion and Casino Club

postmarked 1921


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