Moorlyn Gallery

Bowling Casino

Sometime around 1907

Mid 1920's

Theatre Interior

Don't know the date. Sometime after 1923 and before 1955. Probably the mid 1920's.

New Moorlyn marquee

The first marquee of several

Lobby entrance

Decorated for Christmas, this later became the outer lobby area with a candy stand installed between the columns

1924 Advertising card

1927 Program for Framed

1927 Program for Tender Hour

Upstairs is "Ocean City's Finest Dance Floor"

After the fire

The Moorlyn was intact, but the boardwalk would be rebuilt much further out from where it was. The Moorlyn would be moved, leaving a parking lot between it and the house that sat behind it.

New Boardwalk leaves Moorlyn behind

1928 View from the new boardwalk shows that the Moorlyn is now some distance back. Simms, on the left, has already been moved up.

Moving Day

Moving the Moorlyn to the new boardwalk, 1929

Aerial view of 1st Strand and Moorlyn

I believe this is July 4th, 1929 because the Moorlyn has moved, so it is after 1928, and the postmark is 1930. Plus, the area behind the Moorlyn does not have any parking and looks like it was just vacated.

July 1929

You can see the Moorlyn (relocated) in the distance, but this image can be dated to July 8-10, 1929 when The Girl in the Glass Cage played at the Strand

December 1932

1932 Box office Statement

This is the movie shown in the snow picture

1935 view

The Moorlyn is now connected to the new boardwalk

Lobby area in 1981




The letters MOORLYN are blinking on and off


The larger of the two auditoriums, 1981. The theatre was divided around 1970

Larger auditorium

Closed balcony visible


Although a twin, this side was still pretty large


The inner lobby (1970's, 80's) had the stairway to the balcony. This space was inside the auditorium before the theatre was twinned.


Strong Excelites with Simplex XL heads, 1980's

Projection room


Moorlyn closed for winter, 1980's

Projection room

Winterized, 1980's

Ballroom entrance

The upstairs "Casino Club" had been unused for decades, but was still there and used for storage. Stairs led up to six apartments

Casino Club interior, 1980's

Rather worn, but you could still see the wainscoting and the panel of knife switches for the fixtures long gone

Casino Club bandstand

The stage shown here was used for entertainment. The "ballroom" as we called it, once overlooked the boardwalk. The tall windows were covered over in the 1950's

Casino Club interior

It was a large room

Casino Club interior

Ventilation ducts were installed in the unused ballroom in 1941

Moorlyn II projector, 1981

After dividing the theatre into two houses, the new projectors were automated with a PEC 1000 automation (2 projectors, 1-hour reels)








Lots of neon to be maintained


Fake picture of single auditorium

I have no picture of the Moorlyn interior just before it was twinned, but if I did, it would look like this--made from a doctored picture from after the twin-ing.

Fall, 1986


Bowling Alley windows

are visible after the siding is removed from the Moorlyn

Bowling Alley windows

Compare the two views

Shore Fast Line

Once the front half of the building was gone, you could see the sign that was painted on the adjoining building around 1928, while the Moorlyn sat back behind the new boardwalk for a couple of years before being moved up, covering the sign until now.

Shore Fast Line

1929 view showing the Shore Fast Line signs, one of which was later covered when the Moorlyn was moved up to the new boardwalk.

New Moorlyn Front

The new, jumbled appearance of the Moorlyn building. The marquee is gone, the theater entrance is on the side of the building.


The "entrance" to the theatre is now on the ramp to the parking lot.

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