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Updated 02/17/2006




The Hippodrome started out as the Casino Pier at Ninth Street around 1900.  It was a large structure at the end of a long pier and was a popular place on the early boardwalk.  In 1904 John Young purchased the pier and renamed it Young's Pier.

In 1905 a new boardwalk was built closer to the ocean.  Young's Pier remained and eventually was sold to Chris Hand who enlarged it in 1912, adding a 3,000 seat theatre.

In 1915 Chris Hand sold the Pier to Albert Fogg and it became Fogg's Pier.  It contained a carousel, a theatre, arcade and other amusements.  In 1927, it burned to the ground in the great fire of that year.



Young's Pier on the new 1905 Boardwalk

Built as the Casino Pier in 1900

Young's Pier at Ninth in the distance

On the right is the building that would become Simms' at Moorlyn Terrace

Candyland at 9th

Young's Pier on the left has open entrance

Candyland at 9th

Young's Pier on the left has new covered entrance

Hippodrome at 9th Street

Shriver's on the left


1922 Postmark

1927 Postmark

1918 Fogg's Pier

Became Fogg's Pier in 1915

October, 1927

The Hippodrome is the large black spot on the beach.


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