1986 view of Ocean City

The Moorlyn survived the 1927 fire and was eventually moved up to the new boardwalk, creating a parking lot between the theatre and the house behind it. This Strand Theatre was built in 1938 by William Shriver, after the original Strand burned down. Music Pier The Village Theatre was originally Doughty's Pier with the boardwalk running behind it.  In this photo you can see the remnants of the old boardwalk just to the right of the Village. Seaside Baths 9th Street block shows Shriver's Taffy and where the old Strand Theatre was.  Shriver's burned in the 1927 fire and was rebuilt at the new boardwalk location.  The Strand survived and was moved up to the new boardwalk.  The Strand later burned down in 1937 This is part of the old (1905) boardwalk.  Actually this section was built when they changed the angle at this block sometime around 1925.
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