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Updated 02/14/2006

The original Strand Theatre was located between Moorlyn Terrace and 9th Street on the boardwalk. I'm told it was built as a skating rink some distance away from the boardwalk, but was moved up to the boardwalk sometime before 1927. It was originally called the Hippodrome, before the Hippodrome Pier was built.

A Moller organ was installed in 1919 to accompany the stage shows and picture shows.

Helen Kertland, who sold tickets at the Shriver theatres in Ocean City from 1923 to 1988 told me of the well polished lobby of the Strand, with fresh cut flowers arranged each day on a table.

The theatre had several different facades, including an English Tudor design.

The Strand Theatre Company was named for the theatre, owned by William Shriver, and operated by D. Roscoe Faunce. The company later became the Shriver Theatre Company and was owned by Mr. Shriver's daughter, Helen Shriver Schilling.

The theatre somehow survived the great fire of 1927, and lasted another 10 years before burning down in the fall of 1937.

After the Strand burned, William Shriver decided to build a larger New Strand Theatre at the corner of 9th and Boardwalk.


Hippodrome Theatre

Originally the "New Hippodrome Stock Co. and Theatre" it sat just south of Moorlyn Terrace.


The Hiipodrome is playing The Flower of the Ranch

old Strand Theatre

New Boardwalk

The Strand and Simms have been pulled up to the new boardwalk, shown here in it's first summer, 1928. Shriver's Taffy, in the distance, was rebuilt.


View from the new Music Pier


The Strand is playing Let's Go Native

1930's Strand

This is the last motif, and probably not long before it burned in 1937

Fire, 1937

Started in the attic. The building was a complete loss. The new Strand was built at 9th and Boardwalk and opened in August of the next summer.

Closeup, Strand Entrance, 1930's

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