Strand Gallery

Opening Day, 1938

August 11



They Met in Bombay played July 21-23, 1941






Inner lobby or standee space. This is the space immediately behind the seats, looking toward exit

Strand interior

1938. The ceiling cove contained dimmable colored lights as well as the air conditioning vents

Strand interior

1938. View from balcony

Standee space

behind seats


"A modern girl having a modern good time - swank clothes, swell dates, sweet romance - that's Sonja now, so dainty, so desirable, so incredible!"

Projection room 1938

Simplex E-7 heads, Peerless Magnarc lamps

Projection room 1980's

Same lamps, but with Simplex XL's

Projection room, 1980's

Reels rewound by hand. Film vault in the corner is now a generator room.

Projectionist 1980's

Kevin Woolson

Strand dimmer panel

Although built as a movie theater, the stage had plenty of dimmable colored lights.

Strand curtain, 1988

1450 seats

including the two balcony's. 1981

Lobby entrance, 1938

Lobby entrance, 1988

Not much different 50 years later

Hollywood stars

backlit portraits in the lobby wall

Screen curtain


in Strand balcony


This Hertner Transverter, motor-generator set provided more than enough direct current for the arcs.


Chip and Jim

My brother, also a projectionist

New Theatres of 1938

Announcing the opening of the Strand in a trade publication

New Theatres of 1938


Lobby portraits

Strand gutted, 1989

The theatre is sold and the inside replaced with 5 auditoriums, and other stores.

2004, What's left.

The 8 front doors, lobby, glass block, and rings of lights are gone. This was the entrance to the theatre from 1938-1988


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