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Updated 04/23/2006



After the original Strand burned in 1937, William Shriver hired Armand Carroll of Philadelphia to design the new Strand for the location of 9th and Boardwalk.  The building opened on August 11, 1938 while a baby parade was taking place outside.  The electricians were still running some wires in the projection booth that day, says Fred Rest, who was the projectionist on opening day.

9th St Carousel

A carousel occupies 9th and boardwalk with the original Strand slightly visible in the distance. This was probably shortly before the 1st Strand burned in 1937

Locating the footings

Setting the footings

Crane arrives

Placing the pilings

Concrete I-beams and rebar

Steel trusses

placed on steel frame

Roof decking

is placed on steel superstructure while passersby watch

Block walls go up

Balcony floor beams are visible


The lobby and the round marque are built

View of lobby interior

and round marque

Store fronts

Blue panels installed

Exterior panels

Photo is tinted to show the blue panels originally on the Strand

Almost ready


Simplex E-7 projector heads with Peerless Magnarc Lamps

Interior construction

Installing seats and stage equipment. Fifty years later, the seats were still in good condition and very comfortable

Opening Day

August 11, 1938

Second picture

The second movie to play at the new theatre, August, 1938

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